Hazardous materials transportation presents substantial risks.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) enacts and enforces all hazardous materials transportation laws and procedures for shipping within the United States. Shipment of hazardous materials in the US is regulated under title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Compliance with DOT regulations is a requirement for any company or person who offers a hazardous material for transportation. Penalties for non‐compliance with the rules are significant and could result in significant fines: Up to $250,000 and up to a year jail sentence for individuals; up to $500,000 per incident for organizations.

We know the regulations and measure up to the task.

Safe and compliant HazMat transportation is not an easy task. In fact, many transportation companies are avoiding hazardous material and chemical shipments because of the ever increasing regulations and associated risk. The regulations and procedures for shipping hazardous materials include preparing shipping papers, handling, loading, training, securing and segregating packages within a transport vehicle, freight container or cargo hold, and transporting. Advanced Environmental Solutions and its partners know the nuances of ever-tightening regulations. In doing so, we provide a reliable solution through a steadfast focus on safe, punctual deliveries; with special attention to ensuring that the quality of our shipping service remains high. AES can handle the full spectrum of commercial and industrial waste types and address all requirements for compliant hazmat shipments, including and not limited to:

  • Characterization: Proper classification of the material is critical. Using the chemical content and physical properties of the material, we determine the DOT hazard class and the packaging requirements.
  • Packaging: The most important element of the safety of your shipment is the packaging. Selecting the right container that is in line with UN specifications will ensure that normal shipping conditions will not cause the material to escape and will prevent a common cause of over-the-road spills.
  • Labeling and Documentation: Proper labeling and authoring compliant shipping papers will assure that scrutiny by DOT inspectors will result in a positive outcome.
  • Shipping: Efficient and cost effective transportation to the disposal facility is assured. When hazardous materials are shipped by air and sea, there are many requirements that are scrutinized by carriers, customs agencies and regulatory agencies. We understand and mitigate the risks of sensitive cargo associated with these types of shipments.