Firing Ranges

Firing range lead abatement services are ubiquitous.

Our clients include the military, law enforcement and commercial entities, and both indoor and outdoor ranges. Each range is unique in both the type of shooting activity and its environmental setting, so customized solutions by an experienced company are required. We have found that the practices that have been proven to effectively reduce or eliminate lead contamination not only protect people and the environment, but may also be economically beneficial to the range owner/operator and the shooting range community at large.

Every project has had a safe and successful outcome.

We have provided comprehensive contracting services to the government and owners and operators of small arms ranges, whereby we strive to minimize environmental impact and eliminate regulatory concerns before they became big problems. We minimize downtime during the lead mining process and maximize the amount of lead salvaged for recycling, because we have the right equipment, such as specialty vacuum attachments and separation devices to mine and remove the lead. We return the highest recycling value to the customer, often offsetting a portion of the remediation cost, and can work with soil berms as well as shredded rubber backstops. For indoor firing ranges, we have performed assessments, management plans, decontamination and routine maintenance. Our gun range remediation services include the following:

  • Site Assessment: Our professionals know the federal, state, and local regulations, and can follow up on proper site assessment procedures.
  • Lead Recycling: All lead and lead-contaminated materials are recycled at EPA-permitted facilities, eliminating any future client liability.
  • Soil Remediation: We offer soil treatability assessment surveys and follow-up with soil stabilization services, if required.
  • Construction/Reconstruction: We are experienced in the construction of backstops for improved performance, complete baffling systems, noise abatement enhancements and eyebrow catchers.
  • Maintenance: Our routine maintenance programs are designed to provide a clean, safe workplace, and to decrease lead contamination liability.