CSR & Sustainability

AES is a purposeful and principle-centered enterprise.

Our people and relationships are key to our success, as is their commitment to a common purpose that is clearly communicated and understood. Most importantly, we all care for each other and for our customers on both personal and professional level – this, we believe, is our greatest source of differentiation and value. We believe in:

  • Concern for the environment, community and our society
  • Building relationships and partnerships based on shared values and a common purpose
  • Encouraging the expression of differing points of view while respecting authority
  • Creating a culture of performance versus agendas
  • Focusing on organizational learning and building intellectual capital
  • Creating a culture that links people, systems, and ethics for consistency and efficiency

AES utilizes sustainable business practices to deliver sustainable solutions.

Our consultants evaluate each assignment with a Best Practices approach that incorporates sustainable internal business practices. This philosophy is applied to not only hazardous waste management, but also to remediation, facilities operation and management, utilities design and each and every area of our core competency. We devise compliant solutions that can also help achieve your sustainability goals and increase enterprise safety, without sacrificing financial objectives. By taking a closer look at your operations, we can determine how sustainability makes sense for your company and your employees. We also understand that the quality of life for future generations depends on protecting and creating ways to extend the life of our resources today.

We practice Corporate Social Responsibility.

At AES, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a buzzword – it’s a vital part of our business – and the way we behave in our personal and professional lives. Robert Chavez has provided capital and time to the Belen Consolidated Schools, helping the high school and middle school athletic programs with cleanup services and financial donations. He has also provided significant resources to enable Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church to remodel and upgrade its facilities. AES is also involved in several local charities, and employees all take their community involvement on professional and personal levels seriously.