DOT / HAZMAT Transportation

Transporting hazardous materials presents many challenges.

When hazardous materials are transported, there are numerous risks, and a disaster can result in deleterious effects on people, the environment and the company shipping the materials. Shipment of hazardous materials in the US is regulated under title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and the many requirements of the regulation are enforced by the US Department of Transportation or state Department’s of Public Safety. The requirements for compliant hazardous materials shipments are numerous and are at federal, state and local levels, thus, a broad, deep and continually updated knowledge of the requirements is critical.

AES’ expert programs that mitigate risk and assure compliance.

We know the regulations and keep informed on recent changes to make sure they are reflected in your program. We can evaluate your existing Haz Mat Transportation Program and identify deficiencies. In designing a new HazMat Transportation program we address all the requirements: characterization of materials, packaging, employee training, and safety measures. Our specialists deliver lasting value by designing a program that meets or exceeds every requirement for safe, effective and compliant shipments. The core areas of the plan include and are not limited to:

  • Document Management: Maintaining records of testing activities, shipments, personnel training and security plans
  • Material Identification and Characterization: Accurate determinations of the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials
  • Hazard Class / Shipping Name: A critical part of safe and compliant transportation
  • Material Packaging: Selecting shipping containers of the proper integrity
  • Container Closure: Spills are often caused by failed container closures
  • Hazard Communication: Labeling and marking of containers and placarding of the vehicle
  • Loading / Securement: Guidelines for proper loading and adequate securement
  • Shipping Documents: Must be completed accurately and presented to the transporter