Why We’re Better

Our high quality, cost-effective solutions deliver bona fide value.

We understand that there is no single formula for success and approach each initiative as a unique challenge. No matter what the initiative is, AES utilizes a definitive methodology and analytical tools to produce cost-effective, best-of-breed, and real-world solutions. We maintain a comprehensive $5 Million commercial general liability and professional and pollution liability, with a $2 million single project and $4 Million aggregate bonding package. The components of our value equation include:

  • Perspective: Understanding the fundamental business imperatives that drive enterprise goals
  • Approach: Utilizing a holistic, flexible, and interdisciplinary vantage point
  • Expertise: Employing specialized professionals with certifications and expertise in a range of disciplines
  • Best Practices: Utilizing a best practices approach and appropriate standards and metrics
  • Risk Mitigation: Identifying and mitigating strategic, environmental, human, and financial risk
  • Stability: Ensuring that AES is financially stable and capitalized with substantial lines of credit
  • Effectiveness: Offering turnkey services that combine our broad capabilities to save our clients from unnecessary expenditures and time
  • Insight: Understanding the hidden and elusive challenges that are unique to each assignment
  • Compliance: Providing solutions that assure EPA, DOT, and OSHA compliance
  • Innovation: Providing innovative solutions to problems that many consultants cannot solve
  • Solutions: Discerning the subtle and unapparent regulations to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Attitude: Having a genuine concern for the safety of clients, their employees, communities, and the environment
  • Value: Assuring that there are no surcharges or cost overruns and only outstanding results

Why Choose Us

We provide a full spectrum of hazardous waste management, environmental consulting and utilities construction services. We deliver leading edge solutions that assure regulatory compliance.

We utilize a definitive methodology and analytical tools to produce cost-effective, best-of-breed and real-world solutions.

From routine highway truck spills to major environmental impact events, our personnel stand ready to respond and assist you.

Our personnel have the required training, certifications and skills required to meet your needs.