Contingency Planning & Spill Response

An effective Emergency Preparedness Plan is invaluable.

An emergency, such as a spill, is often a stressful situation, and important steps of the response can be overlooked or forgotten. Following a plan helps to ensure all necessary concerns are addressed, i.e. life is protected, injuries are minimized, resources are used effectively, environmental impact is kept to a minimum and essential reporting is completed. Moreover, EPA regulations in 40 CFR 262 require some hazardous waste generators to have written contingency plans that require mandate specified equipment, training and exercises. Large quantity generators are required to have a contingency plan, and small quantity generators are required to implement certain components of these contingency plans.

Our consultants develop a road map for an effective response.

We assist individuals or companies, such as manufacturers and owners of facilities that have hazardous materials in preparing a plan required by the Spill Contingency Planning and Reporting Regulations of the EPA. The plan delineates the procedures to be followed to minimize the effects of an abnormal event, such as a spill, serving as a proactive guide to the steps to take during your response. To be effective, the information in the plan must be material that you are already familiar with. You do not want to be reading your plan for the first time during an emergency. We can address the initiatives in many other ways, which include yearly training, where we develop mock scenarios to assure that they are handled efficiently. In any event, we’ll assure that you are prepared to rapidly respond and mitigate the deleterious effects of a spill. Our plans include the:

  • Facility Description and Diagram
  • Description of Potential Spill Sources
  • Discharge Prevention
  • Control Countermeasures
  • Responsibilities of Key Personnel
  • Inspection and Testing Procedures
  • Record Keeping Procedures & Schedules
  • Management Approval of the Plan
  • Professional Engineer’s Certification
  • Personnel Training Program
  • Other Salient Components