Work Practices

It’s our relationships with stakeholders that make the difference.

The AES value chain is more than its business units, systems and technologies. It’s about relationships and commitment to a common purpose that is clearly communicated and understood by all stakeholders. Within these relationships, we focus on delivering robust solutions and building strong, win-win partnerships with our clients. Customer service is paramount to our mission. All managers and technicians meet or exceed the technical, training, and administrative requirements for the initiatives at hand. Moreover, AES has been shaped to provide a high quality of Work Life (QWL) and a benefits package, which is second to none, in order to attract, inspire, and retain quality personnel.

We understand that your success is our success.

Our beliefs, actions, and policies are driven by our bona fide dedication, accountability, and professional demeanor. All of our personnel endeavor to innovate and develop long-term relationships with our clients. The rapid pace of innovation continues to transform both the federal and commercial sectors, and affects products, markets, compliance initiatives and entire industry segments. New technologies, increased regulatory pressure and competitive demands require both new approaches and innovative solutions. We work with our clients with a keen eye to:

  • Definition: Working closely with clients to determine the impact to be achieved.
  • Adaptability: Tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client
  • Reliability: Delivering on time, within budget and as promised
  • Scheduling: Making every effort to work within the client’s deadlines and schedules
  • Collaboration: Solving problems jointly in a truly collaborative effort
  • Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality of private information
  • Insight: Providing an understanding of the latest technologies and solutions
  • Risk Mitigation: Minimizing risk and maximizing Return on Investments (ROI)
  • Non-invasiveness: Working effectively with minimal operational disturbance
  • Quality: Providing only the highest quality solutions at a fair price
  • Honesty: Disclosing fees in a clear and honest manner
  • Performance: Working within time constraints to perform to the best of our ability