Facility & Compliance Audits

We understand the facility compliance challenges you face.

An objective assessment of the compliance of a company or facility with applicable environmental laws and regulations is based on a review of pertinent records and technical data. The audit is generally undertaken to assure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and reduce environmental risks and liabilities. Internal pressure companies to cut costs, combined with new regulatory programs and enforcement trends are placing new facility compliance challenges on organizations of all sizes. In today’s business environment, the risks of non-compliance are significant, particularly in the areas of individual and corporate criminal and civil liability. The types of facility and compliance audits are the:

  • Multimedia Audit: This involves identifying and auditing all environmental media (air, water, waste, etc.) that apply to the operation/company.
  • Programmatic Audit: This is thematic or media-specific, and has a restricted scope which limited to pre-identified regulatory areas, such as air or water.
  • Waste Management Audit: This involves performing an audit of the waste management practices of a large, small, and conditional exempt generator in an effort to identify regulatory deficiencies thus reducing your liability.

We balance regulatory compliance with good business sense.

Our compliance audits begin with determining the applicable federal and state regulations, permits and local ordinances/codes compliance requirements against which the operations will be assessed. In some cases, it may also include requirements within legal settlements. Our specialists have the experience to balance regulatory compliance with good business sense, and also can note opportunities to minimize risk and liability and maximize profit and productivity. Often, their recommendations become a part of enterprise strategies that streamline operations and ensure a working environment that is safe, clean, profitable, productive and compliant with all regulatory requirements. With an unequalled level of facility auditing and compliance expertise and experience, our consultants author a report that elucidates the degree of compliance in the facility operations, the environmental impact of its activities or products, improvements that are needed and the objectives, targets and barriers to achieving these.