On-Site Waste Treatment

We also perform on-site waste treatment.

Advanced Environmental Solutions offers a unique on-site treatment process using a stabilization technology that renders certain characteristic wastes non-hazardous. Liquid, sludge and solid hazardous wastes with heavy metals can be treated on-site, and corrosive wastewaters can be cost-effectively treated onsite to neutralize acidity or alkalinity. We understand the most subtle nuances of on-site waste treatment and the often unapparent aspects of permitting. By eliminating the need to send materials to a hazardous waste TSDF, this process can minimize your hazardous waste generation, your disposal costs and your liability.

This can significantly reduce operational costs.

On-site waste treatment is an example of how sustainability initiatives can help create a competitive advantage, because it can reduce both the hard costs and soft costs associated with disposal and transportation costs. The wastes that a generator can treat on site and without a permit are limited primarily to characteristically hazardous wastes so as to render such waste nonhazardous or less hazardous, safer to transport, store, or dispose of; or amenable for recovery, amenable for storage, or reduced in volume. On-site waste treatment includes the capacity to:

  • Neutralize Acidic or Alkaline Wastewaters: Instead of shipping drums or tankers of corrosive wastewaters, neutralization of the wastes can be a very cost-effective method of management. Once the wastes are neutralized, they can either be discharged at your facility or shipped off-site as non-hazardous wastewater.
  • Precipitate and Solidify Heavy Metals: Liquid, sludge and solid hazardous wastes with heavy metals can be treated on-site. Successful treatment will remove the heavy metal EPA Waste Codes rendering the material non-hazardous. These materials can often be solidified and sent to local special waste landfills or to secured chemical landfills.