Why We're Better.

Our high quality, cost-effective solutions deliver bona fide value.

We understand that there is no single formula for success and approach each initiative as a unique challenge. No matter what the initiative is, AES utilizes a definitive methodology and analytical tools to produce cost-effective, best-of-breed and real-world solutions. We maintain a comprehensive $5 Million commercial general liability and professional and pollution liability, with a $2 Million single project and $4 Million aggregate bonding package. The components of our value equation include:

  • Perspective: Understanding the fundamental business imperatives that drive enterprise goals
  • Approach: Utilizing a holistic, flexible and interdisciplinary vantage point
  • Expertise: Employing specialized professionals with certifications and expertise in a range of disciplines
  • Best Practices: Utilizing a best practices approach and appropriate standards and metrics
  • Risk Mitigation: Identifying and mitigating strategic, environmental, human and financial risk
  • Stability: Ensuring that AES is financially stable and capitalized with substantial lines of credit
  • Effectiveness: Offering turnkey services that combine our broad capabilities to save our clients from unnecessary expenditures and time
  • Insight: Understanding the hidden and elusive challenges that are unique to each assignment
  • Compliance: Providing solutions that assure EPA, DOT and OSHA compliance
  • Innovation: Providing innovative solutions to problems that many consultants cannot solve
  • Solutions: Discerning the subtle and unapparent regulations to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Attitude: Having a genuine concern for the safety of clients, their employees, communities and the environment
  • Value: Assuring that there are no surcharges or cost overruns and only outstanding results

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