Leaking underground storage tanks are a threat to America's groundwater.

Gas stations, industries and other entities use underground storage tanks (USTs) and above ground storage tanks (ASTs) to hold toxic material such as gasoline and oil that contain dangerous substances, including benzene, toluene and heavy metals that can cause cancer and harm children. USTs can threaten communities as their walls corrode by silently leaking toxins into our drinking water supplies, homes and businesses. Fifty percent of the nation’s population, and 100 percent in virtually all rural areas, rely on groundwater for drinking water. About 680,000 federally-regulated USTs are buried in urban and rural areas across our nation. Forty-five states have designated USTs are a major threat to groundwater quality.

Our management and staff are capable, precise and well-trained.

Our clients range from local government agencies to small independent gas station owners. Our turnkey ability to combine consulting and contracting capabilities with petroleum contaminated soils removal allows us to provide our clients the most cost effective and efficient solutions. The management of underground storage tanks (USTs) and above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) presents an ongoing challenge and legal obligation for localities, states, nations, and corporations. As a GS-29 license holder, AES can remove and demolish USTs/ASTs as well as provide soil and groundwater remediation. Additionally, we provide a wide range of tank and vault cleaning and maintenance services . We are also adept at sampling and analyzing oil, water and sludge phases, determining the regulatory statuses, and removing and disposing of the contents.

We also provide industrial and commercial tank management services.

Our professionals have a thorough understanding of federal EPA standards and state regulations. When rapid response to potential contamination is needed, we have the staff and equipment to respond quickly. We combine highly-trained employees who are certified in confined space entry, along with established procedures, to provide excellent service. Other AST/UST services include storage tank management planning and assessment, cleaning, design and construction of tank systems, regulatory guidance and compliance audits; soil, gas, and groundwater sampling; site and risk assessments; short- and long-term groundwater monitoring; design, implementation, and operations and maintenance of remedial systems.