Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rules

Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rules

On 30 May 2017, EPA finalized the biggest change to the hazardous waste management regulations since the landfill restrictions 30 years ago. The Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rule (HWGIR) completely reorganizes section 262 of 40 CFR and combines it with the CESQG rules in 261.5.

We took a hard look at the new rules and decided, as a service to the regulated community, to create a set of documents to help hazardous waste generators understand and incorporate the HWGIR into their operations. Those documents and forms are described and presented in the “Downloadable Forms” section to the right.

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NOTE: The federal rules are final, but States that have their own EPA programs will have to adopt the new HWGIR as part of State law. This may take up to a year, but keep an eye open for their publication because the States can add their own requirements to the HWGIR.

Downloadable Forms