Landfill Monitoring

Operating landfills present significant associated risks.

Be it for an active or closed landfill, public or private, the primary concern is the deterioration of water quality. This can cause detrimental impacts on human or animal health, vegetative stress and numerous environmental problems. More than ever, detecting contamination and providing a quality assurance check by conducting regular sampling is needed for both active and closed solid waste disposal. Critical to this is to monitor for the presence of methane soil gas to determine if methane is migrating across property lines in concentrations that may cause concern for public health and safety on properties adjacent to the landfill. Possible effects of methane gas migration include dead or stressed vegetation and explosion hazards in buildings.

This requires diligent monitoring and maintenance.

Sampling of groundwater at open landfills solid waste disposal facilities is needed to determine if these facilities are causing adverse effects on the physical, chemical or biological attributes of groundwater. While closed landfills are not subject to all of the requirements applied to active landfills, owners of closed landfills are responsible for preventing their site from threatening public safety or the environment or causing a public nuisance to those living nearby. If they fail to do so, the owners are liable for any impacts that may result. A diligent monitoring and maintenance schedule throughout the post-closure care period will save time, effort and money in the long run. As an example, we take air samples and soil samples to assure that methane levels and other contaminants are not excessive. We have performed this for open and closed landfills, and have served private both landfill owners and public institutions in villages and counties.

We mitigate the impact associated with operating landfills.

AES offers a variety of professional services to monitor the environmental impact from a landfill. Services include groundwater, surface water and leachate sampling, residential well sampling; monthly groundwater elevation gauging, development and performance of field screening for methane in facility buildings; and landfill gas monitoring. This includes field sampling, laboratory analysis, and site specific reporting of the analytical data in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Our field technicians are skilled and have the right equipment for ensuring a complete, thorough, and accurate assessment of site conditions. This includes submersible and peristaltic pumps, water quality meters, survey equipment, gas meters, pond samplers, dippers, hand augers and core barrels.