Jeff Fitt

Project Manager
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Jeff has 30 years of documented success in Environmental Management and Engineering. He is responsible for the management and performance of environmental consulting activities, which include environmental site assessments, NEPA environmental assessments, pollution prevention plans, and storm water pollution prevention plans. Before this, he was a Project Manager for Onyx Environmental Services, Vancouver, Washington, where he was responsible for hazardous waste programs for large semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Jeff was also the owner of Fitt Environmental, Inc., with corporate management duties that included cost accounting, profit and loss, projections and forecasts, human resources development, engineering, and geo-technical project management. Jeff managed hazardous waste site projects including Superfund investigations, and remediation involving the excavation and aeration of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils. Jeff was also a Project Manager for Burlington Environmental (Chempro) in Portland, OR, where he managed numerous environmental and industrial hazardous waste activities. He also served Dresser Atlas, a division of Dresser Industries as General Field Engineer. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, from Eastern New Mexico University and has numerous EPA, OSHA and DOT certifications, and is a Certified Environmental Inspector.