Robert Chavez understands the challenges that executives face.

Today’s executives face business challenges that cross over traditional boundaries. Robert Chavez provides one-on-one advisory service which offers innovative strategic guidance to help executives cope with today’s breakneck speed of change. He enables his clients to understand the dramatic impact of these changes on business strategy and company value, and how to utilize this to build cornerstones of powerful new business models. He has solved difficult environmental and business challenges for many clients and offers an echelon of value not found elsewhere in the environmental services industry. Robert benchmarks enterprises against best practices and the latest innovations in environmental consulting to create innovative, enterprise-wide business strategies. In doing so, goals are set and practices are clarified, with a focus on risk assessment and mitigation, and how to incorporate people, structure and stakeholder relationships within a more effective business paradigm.


The right environmental strategies can build the bottom line.

As the business climate moves toward “green” and sustainable solutions, waste management, waste minimization and regulatory compliance play an increasingly important role for commercial, non-profit and government enterprises. The right strategies and systems can help to reduce costs and build a better bottom line. In assessing an organization, he assesses and makes recommendations for improvement with his knowledge of:

  • Environmental Industry Trends
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Structure and Systems
  • Environmental Technology
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Waste Management
  • Operational Costs 


The Executive Advisory is built upon an interdisciplinary and functional approach.

More than ever, an interdisciplinary and functional approach is needed, because executives and business owners must work with fewer resources, make sound decisions and meet enterprise goals that increase shareholder value. The Executive Advisory focuses on problem-solving, risk assessment and management, and how to incorporate people into environmental and operational strategies. Robert has a record of success in helping executives to solve complex problems and meet the most difficult challenges. The major components of his system are outlined here:

  • Strategic Vantage Point: An enterprise-wide overview helps him to understand your organizational structure, operationals, business systems, policies and compliance imperatives.
  • Industry & Regulatory Analysis: This includes industry trends and anticipated changes, EPA, DOT and OSHA requirements and the latest advancements in Best Practices and benchmarking.
  • Internal Analysis: This enables a baseline to measure organizational deficiencies and vulnerabilities in, for example, waste generating processes, policies and procedures, compliance imperatives and other variables.
  • Opportunity Definition: The associated problems and the solutions needed to mitigate them are then defined, such as a modus operandi for waste management and minimization.
  • Causal Relationships: Relationships between people, processes and technologies are examined, as are cost controls, worker safety, HazMat security and other components.
  • Strategy Initiatives: Key initiatives are defined for personnel, business systems and other enterprise wide areas that can positively affect outcomes.
  • Risk Management: Best Practices and benchmarks to mitigate strategic, financial, technical and human risk are formulated for compliance, staffing, training and other salient areas.
  • Implementation: Timely, seamless implementation will result in bottom line impact. This may involve source reduction, recycling and new Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Reassessment & Refinement: Results are viewed after a specified time frame and potential enhancements are suggested on a regular and continual basis if deemed prudent.